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Advocates Complaint Commission


About Us

The Advocates Complaints Commission is a statutory body established in 1989 under section 53 of the Advocates Act (Cap. 16 of the Laws of Kenya) to enquire into complaints of professional misconduct against any advocate, firm of advocates, or any member or employee thereof. The ACC investigates and prosecutes complaints before the Disciplinary Tribunal. In addition, the ACC facilitates In-House dispute resolution session   (IHDR).

Please download the help form below, complete it and send a scanned copy attaching evidence and receipts where applicable and submit to the commission’s email address 

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What we do

The Advocates Complaints Commission is a department in the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice mandated to inquire into complaints against advocates, law firms and their employees. The complaints concern acts of professional misconduct against an advocate. (Link: Legal Watch, LSK Code of Ethics and Conduct for Advocates)

Lodging a complaint

The complaints are received by way of a designated form, the Help Form (English / Kiswahili). The Help Form should be completed by the person who wishes to lodge a complaint and duly signed. Other particulars that should accompany the Help Form include copies of any evidence that supports the complaint and a copy of the Identity Card of the person who wishes to lodge a complaint.

The Stages of a complaint

The complaint undergoes various stages depending on its nature and substance.

  • The review and investigation stage
  • The mediation stage
  • The prosecutorial stage